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4 Responses to “Sundays-Live

  • Jane French
    2 months ago

    Thank you Brian, Naomi and Adam. That was a great first Sunday of being together even though we are apart. You all helped us to feel connected with our much loved St Pete’s community and to turn our hearts to our good Father. Jane and John. (We’ll sing again with Hannah later……she loves to sing “Amazing Grace” but she didn’t come home till a bit late for the community sing.)

  • Owen and Kathy Belling
    2 months ago

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    Thank you, Brian, for leading the service and thank you, Naomi and Adam, for leading the singing together. The message was greatly encouraging and gave us a strong sense of what we can do now. We are looking forward to using the resouces and connecting with our church family and the community. Please sign us up for a block, whether it’s Landra Avenue and Northumberland Avenue in Mount Colah or a block in Hornsby. The service has been a blessing to us and an encouragement to our church family. It’s helpful to see peoples’ faces as we listen to the Word and sing together.

    Owen and Kathy

  • Kenneth Anthonisz
    2 months ago

    The message in these troublesome times is so relevant and uplifting. God never forgets you.
    Thank you

  • Chris Furse-Roberts
    2 months ago

    Brian wonderful you bought into your sermon the three things. for us to be reminded of God’s protection & he with us. & To focus on God as he is a true blessing to us, God is our Counsellor, and guides us.& above all he is faithful.

    Cathy your prayers were so inspirational and at a difficult time I’am praying for you as a Mum with home schooling and having to adjust to having the Children around 24 hours is not easy. I will pray for patience &May you be surrounded by God’s love & wisdom

    Blessings to you both
    & a big hug to you both
    Look forward to hearing from you next Sunday and having the devotional time with you each day