The Stained Glass Windows

Every window in St Peter’s is stained glass, mostly depicting scenes from the life of Jesus Christ. The “tripartite” East window was installed in the new church in 1924 as a memorial to the 19 men of the parish who were killed in the first World War (1914-18). The left hand window depicts St Peter. The 18 stained glass windows in the body of the church were installed as memorials from 1950s to 1970s. The porch window, installed in 1998 at the Centenary of St Peter’s, depicts the commissioning of St Peter by Jesus to be the leader of the early Christian Church. Further information on the windows is available in a pamphlet.

In 2004 new coverings for the main windows and those along the east side of St Peter’s were installed.

Church Timeline

  • 1898 Opening of first church
  • 1912 Parish of St Peter’s Hornsby
  • 1913 First church destroyed by bushfire
  • 1923 Present church built (Original church repaired and used as hall)
  • 1929 Pipe organ purchased from St Stephen’s Willoughby
  • 1957 Church badly damaged by bushfire
  • 1966 Rectory built next to church
  • 1984 Parish centre built
  • 2003 Mandarin Service began
  • 2004 New Rectory purchased in Hornsby
  • 2004 First full time minister for Hornsby Anglican Chinese Church appointed
  • 2004 Sunday Evening Service begun again
  • 2008 Hornsby Anglican Chinese Church becomes a Provisional Parish
  • 2014 Thursday lunch-time Easy English Church Service begun

St Peter’s Rectors

  • 1896-1901 Reverend Raymond King
  • 1901-1902 Reverend Robert Livingstone
  • 1902-1912 Reverend Sydney Edgar Langford Smith
  • 1912-1924 Reverend Arthur Leslie Wade
  • 1924-1930 Reverend William Gordon Nesbit
  • 1930-1939 Reverend Ernest Cameron
  • 1939-1944 Reverend Colin Ernest Burgess
  • 1944-1948 Reverend George Thorold Earp
  • 1949-1964 Reverend Raymond Stafford Chapple
  • 1964-1976 Reverend Alan William Setchel
  • 1976-1980 Reverend Edward George Newing
  • 1980-2003 Reverend Barry Johnson Bevis
  • 2004-2016 Reverend Robert John Denham
  • 2017 onwards – Reverend Brian Hall