Easy English

Easy English Classes

Enjoy basic and friendly English classes. We have three classes: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced. Our teachers are qualified teachers who have helpful assistants. We have begun 2016 with about 50 students, and more are welcome to join us. You do NOT have to wait until the beginning of a term to join with us.

When: Thurs 10am – noon during school term
Where: The halls of the church
Cost: $2 (incl. morning tea)

Easy English Bible Reading Class

From 9.30 to 10am, before the classes, we have an Easy English Bible Reading Class. Our minister leads this group. We take turns to read the Bible in an Easy English version. Anyone can ask questions about what is being read.

When: Thurs 9.30 – 10am during school term
Where: The hall next to the Kitchen of the church
Cost: free

Easy English Church Service

Stay after the English classes for a church service in Easy English. To help us understand our faith in English, we use a printed service and the same two songs for a month. A the start of each month they change. The Bible passage for the short talk in Easy English, is printed in English and several other languages (such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Bengali, Farsi, or whatever is appropriate).

When: Thurs 12.10pm to 12.40pm during school term
Where: The blue hall next to the church
Cost: free

How do I join?

You can join us any Thursday during school term, You can also let us know when to expect you by filling out the form below:

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